Denka SC-1

  • Provides excellent hardening characteristics at low temperatures
  • Produces high quality super quick hardening cement mortar, which can be used in wide range of temperatures
  • Very high early age strengths (depending on addition levels)
  • Excellent resistance to initial shrinkage cracks
  • Low shrinkage levels
  • High durability
  • Good adhesion to concrete and reinforcement

Denka SC-1 is an Amorphous Calcium Aluminate (ACA) cement which is supplied as a raw material for finished products such as water stop, quick hardening mortar/concrete.

In general, Calcium Aluminate cements are used to produce quick hardening systems for a variety of applications such as self-levelling flooring compounds, tile adhesives etc. However, unlike Aluminate cements, Denka SC1 has a basic sintered mineral which is amorphous (non-crystallized), meaning that ACA cements have extended durability. Therefore, Denka SC1 can be used in exterior applications and where excessive moisture/humidity is present.

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